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PLC Programmable Logic Controller - Index

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T1 Series Brick Style

T1-16S Overview -- T1-16S Pricing -- T1-16 Expansion Cards T1-16 = 16 I/O

T1-40S Overview -- T1-40S Pricing -- T1-40 Expansion Cards T1-40 = 40 I/O

T1 starter kit- it's THE deal! Programing software and cable to get off to a good start

T1 analog cards!

T1 Mechanical mounting dimensions

V2000 Series Rack Style PLC with extra Horsepower

V2000 Overview -- V2000 Pricing

Converting from T2 or EX100 to V2000

Operator Interface Stations

Low cost Operator Interface Stations


FAQ wiki

PID instruction!

Computer link functions

T-PDS Win95/NT programming software FAQ

Legacy and Cutler Hammer Cross reference

Logic level converters (120Vac to 24Vinputs, 5Vdc to 24Vinputs)

Site Index

Current Detectors - heater burnout detectors

Transtronics Home Page

Resource library handbooks, primers and spec sheets

Process Control Panel Meters

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