TE Series Current Sensors


Single phase

(thumbnail) Single Phase

Simply, Thread the wire to the load through the TE series sensor and the self powered transducer will provide a DC voltage proportional to the current.

For example: If the full scale specified is 10A and the current is 5A, the output will be 2.5V

Where :

 E_{out} = \frac{ I * 5 }{FS}

Three Phase Delta

(thumbnail) Three Phase

Three phase current unbalance can be monitored with this configuration - be very careful to follow the diagram exactly - there are 3 loops from the delta triangle - you can not thread the 3 supply lines and get the same result!

Monitoring the phase imbalance can let us detect burned out heater elements, phase supply problems that might damage motors or other equipment.

Three Phase 4-wire-Y

(thumbnail) 4-wire-Y

Another way of seeing the phase imbalance is the 4-wire-Y.

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