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Transtronics offers a wide variety of design capabilities to get your product out-the-door. We can take your product design through the following stages:

We include embedded microprocessor control design as part of our specialization in analog and sensor circuitry with experience in the following areas:

The following list of projects will give you a feel for the full range of capabilities we have in house.


Non contact Temperature controller: this project incorporated IR temperature sensing, IR motion sensing, and IR bi-directional data communication with an embedded microprocessor for the HVAC industry.

Cell phone telemetry system: Fixed a project another company abandoned - debugged a telemetry system and corrected C code to fix a MODEM problem.

Video toaster (desktop video): We contributed to this project - a computerized video effects generator (Product won a technical Emmy award). Work included part of circuit design team, PCB art work. Training of others in CAD usage.

Video Flyer : Non linear video editing system. Work included design debugging, software management, and team leader.

Digi-view and Digi-view gold: Low cost video digitizer. Worked on synch strip circuit design, PCB artwork, production and testing. In the gold model, we also designed in an onboard switching power-supply.

Gender-bender : A switching power supply in a gender changer. Work included circuit design, PCB artwork, and packaging.

12V high-pressure sodium lamp, solid state ballast: Featured switching power supply, high voltage start circuit. Work included circuit design, PCB artwork.

Programmable F/V converter: Interface product for water industry used to convert pulse type flow out puts to voltage, 6805 assembler programming, production and testing.

Battery drop out relay: A device for disconnecting lead acid cells from load at end of use voltage - went to production 100,000's sold. Work included circuit design, PCB artwork, production, testing.

Tone card RTU unit: A Remote control unit that works over radio links to control water systems. Featured a very low cost, 120VAC I/O, radio modem.

Two-wire controller for water systems: Featured self-adjusting calibration, lightening resistance. Work included circuit design, PCB artwork, production, testing, and field support

Line filter : Featured three stage transient filter for one of the worst lightening environments. Work included circuit design, PCB artwork, production, testing and field support

Microwave chamber proportional temperature controller: Featured derivative feedback control (PID loop). Work included circuit design, PCB artwork, production, testing, and field support

Microwave (Gunplexer) transmission subtractor : This device removed transmission signal from reception., PCB art work.

RS232 radio modem : Featured switched cap filters, narrow audio bandwidth. Work included circuit design, PCB artwork, production, testing, and field support.

FM mode RTTY decoder : Featured switched cap filter, IF interface, offset tracking. Work included circuit design.

Diaper Wetting Alarm: This is a very low cost alarm for training bed-wetter's that sounds a buzzer when they get wet!

Radio Tower lighting alarm : Featured self-calibration, toridal sensors, low cost. Circuit design, PCB artwork, production, testing.

424 machine : Automation project that changed a box slotting machine to do multi-revolution length slotting. Work included circuit design, PLC programming, testing.

323 Machine : Automation project that uses a PLC to control a waste cardboard bailer. Work included circuit design, PLC, programming, testing.

ESD detector : Device used in ESD training. A photo detected gas discharge tube. Work included circuit design, production, testing

Encapsulation: Designed molds and procedure for cost effective encapsulation of electronic modules using vacuum de-bubbling.

Temperature gradient display: This box showed off a fan speed controller by moving its thermistor sensor back and forth over a rod that is hot on one end (via a PTC heater) and cold on the other (via a Peltier cooler). Used Hall effect limits, lead screw actuator. Designed PCB mechanics, and case. Start to finish in 3 weeks.

Token Verifier: This project used a flux gate to detect a mu metal tag within a token. Work included PCB modifications, 6805 machine code changes, and additions.

Multi Sensor Smoke alarms: Produced a prototype that used an optical detector to sense smoke, a CO detector, and heat sensors

Sensor lightning Consultation: Helped Nellcor Puritan Bennett with damage to pressure transducers caused by lightning transients.

Built first computer in 1980.

Publications authored:

Reducing Lightning damage to Transducers for Sensors Magazine Jan 1997

Choosing A Radio Tower Lighting Monitoring Device for Communications magazine.

Understanding Radio Telemetry systems for Kansas LifeLine.

Understanding Pressure Transducers for Kansas LifeLine.

Pressure Transducer Handbook

Battery Backup Handbook

Computer Languages we support in house:

mysql, PHP, Delphi, Pascal, FORTRAN, bash, BASIC, C, java-script, AREX, HTML, Perl, Ladder logic, Assembly languages(ARM cores, 9S08, 6805, 6809,6808, 6000, Atmel AVR, etc.)

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+1(785) 841 3089
+1(785) 841 3089

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