Quite Universal Circuit Simulator is an integrated circuit simulator. It enables you to setup a circuit with a graphical user interface (GUI) and simulate the large-signal, small-signal and noise behavior of the circuit. After the simulation has finished you can add and view the simulation results along with the circuit schematic or on a presentation page.

The GUI has backends - Ngspice, Xyce, SPICE OPUS, Spice4qucs. Spice4qucs is built-in. Ngspice and Xyce simulators are not embedded in Qucs but operate as independent external simulators.

Spice notes

qucs has several BJT:

HICUM L0 v1.2
HICUM L2 v2.1
HICUM L2 v2.22
HICUM L2 v2.23
Improved Early effect modeling
Quasi-saturation modeling
Parasitic substrate transistor modeling
Parasitic fixed (oxide) capacitance modeling
Includes an avalanche multiplication model
Improved temperature modeling
Base current is decoupled from collector current
Electrothermal modeling
Smooth, continuous model

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