Paypal Terminology

Over the years Paypal has changed the terms of their products and features - and continues to use extremely poor names creating a lot of confusion. Here is a place to list what the current terms mean and list any legacy terminology they once used.

Payflow can refer to one of the following
Paypal Payments Pro --- payflow pro
Payflow Gateway -- merchant gateway
- is a misuse to the term Application(trying to use a buzzword - everything is an app). It actually refers to APIs. There appear to be two classes of APIs:
Classic API apps
Paypal Standard
A classic API that does not require the customer to have a PayPal Account
Paypal Express
A classic API the requires the user to have a paypal account - but also provides other features such as Log in with paypal
Paypal Pro
A pay-for service that allows server side execution of the payment process on the merchants web-site - no redirections to Paypal's web-site

Pending Reason
unilateral: Means the email address is not associated with a Paypal account
Instant Update
Means paypal will generate shipping rates and send them back to the shopping cart.

(Free advice to Paypal - when creating software products/services - the names REALLY matter. The names of the settings also are very important. If correctly picked they provide clear meaning to what they do.)

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