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Bitmap2Component converts bitmaps to filled polygons scaled by a 300dpi ratio. If your input bitmap is 300x300 px, it will generate a 1x1 inch component.

The problem appears when you try to generate a small component, lets say a company logo of only 0.5x0.5 inch. The input bitmap should be scaled with any other image editing software to 150x150px, and with a bitmap so small Bitmap2Component generates a very ugly component, In the curves is where you can notice it.Examplekicadconverter.png

After a few tests I have created a technique to obtain great quality components using this and other tool I made.

  1. Get a nice and big rasterized version of the drawing you want to convert. Widths between 1000px and 3000px I think would be enough for any logo for example
  2. Process your bitmap with gimp, photoshop, etc. to black and white (highly contrasting) desaturating it and adjusting carefully brightness and contrast. Then invert the colors. The filled polygon that Bitmap2Component will generate will be according to the white areas in the bitmap.
  3. Use Bitmap2Component to create a huge version of the component, for example: using a 3000x3000px drawing, you will get a 10x10in component
  4. Use this little tool to generate a resized module: sizeConverter and more

You can also rename the component, but since it's pretty much hardcoded it will mostly work with untouched MOD files generated from Bitmap2Component.

You can see and example difference between results:

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