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Wells Index Model 810 Serial #20567

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Wells Index seems to be the Brown Dear of milling machines - suppling parts and repair support for older models. Very good support and have refurbished machines available.


Serial number 20567 (1980) Serial number 20567 is a USA made mill and shipped without a model number in November 1979 to a company in Texas who installed the control on it for the 1980 IMTS show in Chicago. Parts are still available for the mechanical part of the machine.


It shipped with 200KS spindle taper. Tooling is still available from Wells Index.

According to Wells Index:

200 KS stands for 200 Kwik Switch (AKA Rapid-Switch or rapid change) designed by Universal Engineering and it is not like any other. It is about the same size as #30 NMTB or #30 MMT. Used and new tooling is available. The spindle taper is not grind-able as it has to be a specific depth in relation to the nut that holds the tool in so you have to grind it deep and then build it back up with hard chrome and then grind it again to the correct depth. This is doable but the hard chrome starts flaking off after a while. We have tried this before and the results were not satisfactory. If the spindle taper is bad the spindle has to be replaced with a new spindle and the bearings also need to be replaced. If you do not have any tooling I would suggest replacing it with a # 30 taper spindle as this is a better spindle with tooling readily available from us and other companies. The #30 can also be touched up by ID grinding later in the machines life.

Moving this thing

same locations - use wood to protect the way.

Machine skates
A nightmare with a design flaw.

To move this mill or something similar - consider cutting up a nice hardwood closet pole and rolling it like you would on pipes with 4 - 5 lengths under the machine at all times. The slight resistance of wood helps limit runaway motion and won't slide like metal to metal will.


Removing Sandwich Assembly

Run the spindle all the way down. Remove the three 1/2-13 nuts three nuts on the bottom of three vertical bolts. Assembly will lift straight up - not something just anyone can heft - be careful. It needs to be lifted level as the spindle's splined end will bend if the sandwich assembly is not lifted correctly. Move the spindle and quill down to its lowest level so the sandwich assembly does not have to be lifted as far.

Painting Machines

Acetone to remove oils.

DC Servo Motors, Amplifier and drivers

The machine came with Servo Dynamic Servo amplifiers (built in analog PID) that I can drive with the Rutex-R991H that is a direction and step. If the amplifiers don't work, I could go with the Rutex-R2020 (Step-and-direction built in PID - special windoze software so a Windoze system is required.), or LakeCNC's similar Viper200(Step-and-direction built in PID - programs via any serial term).

Another way would be to use a dumb analog amp and do the PID in ECM2.



side view


side View


table front

Mill terms

A piece of metal in a way that adjusts to remove play and compensate for wear. This machine uses tapered gibs with a adjusting screw at the left end and a locking screw on the right end. Loosen the right end slightly and tighten the left end to remove play. adjusting should be done with light finger pressure. (Cheaper systems use a straight gib with series of screws norma to the gib that tighten the gib).
The guide that holds a table so it can slide back and forth.

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