Toshiba PLCs

PLC = Programmable Logic Controller

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Programming Questions and answers

How can I change a register value into ACSII that can be sent to a OIS (Operator Interface) 
A two step process. First convert the Binary to BCD using the BCD instruction. Then convert the BCD to ASCII.
Input data is in A, BCD data is in B, and output is put in registers starting at C.
input---[A BCD B]----Output
input---[B ASC C]----Output

Running T-PDS Ver. 2.30 under Win7

T-PDS Ver. 2.30 will run under Win7 32 bit but not 64 bit. At this time I am not aware of any plans to make T-PDS run under Win7 64 bit. Options are:

  1. Open virtual XP mode in Win7 64 bit Pro. Many users have gotten T-PDS to run in the virtual XP mode.
  2. Upgrade the T1s (which are now obsolete) to V200 PLCs (we have migration documents here

T1-16 To V200 Migration in English
T1-40 To V200 Migration in English
T1-16 To V200 Migration in Spanish
T1-40 To V200 Migration in Spanish
. The OIL-DS software used by the V200 runs under Win7 64 bit.

  1. Keep an old computer for programming old PLCs.


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