Stereo Zoom 4

Adjusting the Baush & Lomb StereoZoom 4 Microscope

What is most often out of adjustment on the SZ4 (Stereo Zoom 4) is the zoom focus: if everything is correct when you are in focus at maximum zoom the scope should stay in focus as you zoom back out.

To accomplish this you'll need a jeweler's screwdriver to loosen the locking screw on the right eyepiece. This set screw seems to be a very small cross point (which I don't have - I used a regular jewelers screwdriver - be very careful not to strip the screw head ).

The only other adjustments (interocular distance, focus) are self evident.

The two clips on the side that were a bit of a mystery. They are the retaining features that keep the scope body seated firmly in the base ring. If you swing those clips out, the scope body can be removed. They are kept in place via interference between a stamped dimple on the clip and a recess in the ring.


Look here for binocular headband magnifiers.

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