Server Checklist

Moving server to new Box (real / virtual) Checklist

Also useful for upgrade to a fresh system volume

Pre machine move
and a listing for the old server:
or something shorter

Set up Box

grep old etc for current IP(s) to generate a list of files that need updating with the new IP(s)

Post move

Distribution Upgrade

Cleaning Configs

With a new version - it is probably best to do a fresh install. Then using
$ sshfs remotemachine:/etc /mountpoint
Run meld and do a directory compare of the old etc -- fast way to clean the configs.

Cleaning package cruft

$ wajig listorphans ; find them
$ wajig purgeorphans ; delete them - run both command multiple times
Via autoremove
$ wajig autoremove
Remove bits from old distributions
$ aptitude search ~o ; short for aptitude search ?obsolete - list first sanity check
$ aptitude purge ~o ;


# Recreate host keys
sudo rm /etc/ssh/ssh_host_*
sudo ssh-keygen -A

# Re-install SSh
sudo apt-get --reinstall install openssh-server openssh-client

Check sshd_config

# helps fail2ban
MaxAuthTries 3

Ciphers line

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