Putting Linux on the TW700

Comes with Winbook installed - an evil EUFI BIOS

Random Notes

Swipe in from the right to pull up the charm menu > Settings charm (the gear) > [Lower right corner] Change PC Settings > PC and devices > Typing > Touch keyboard > Play key sounds as I type > OFF
Plug in a USB keyboard and HOLD F2.
[By the way, if you ever fail to get into Windows three times in a row, you would boot into safe mode automatically, otherwise, use msconfig menu to select Boot TAB > CHECK: Safe boot.]

You will need to put fw_sst_0f28.bin-i2s_master in /lib/firmware For the 4.0 kernel it is looking for https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OpenELEC/misc-firmware/master/firmware/intel/fw_sst_0f28.bin-48kHz_i2s_master

But it doesn't matter - still errors out

byt-rt5640 byt-rt5640: ASoC: CPU DAI baytrail-pcm-audio not registered 

Thus no sound

Will need the following packages

firmware-realtek ??

Major issues Unresolved as of 2015-07

Helpful tips

Get the multiarch install http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/8.1.0/multi-arch/iso-cd/

After the install you will need to reboot and change the kernel command line to say:

ro text i915.modeset=0 reboot=pci,force  irqpoll

Once booted edit /etc/default/grub to apply these changes and run update-grub

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