ProtectArt 2000

ProtectArt 2000

The ProtectArt 2000 is intended as a museum case temperature and humidity Alarm, monitor and logger. If the case deviates from the programmable limits, the Protect-Art system will indicate an alarm condition via an externally mountable LED. ProtectArt 2000 safeguards priceless collections and provides an accounting trail for curators and insurance companies.


While the ProtectArt 2000 was designed for use by museums, many other applications exist where humidity and temperature needs to be monitored and creating a recorded log is advantageous.

Basic Operation

Plugging Protect-Art into your computer, allows one to set low and high trip points for temperature and humidity along with other settings. Once alarm points are set up, the external LED will light and blink if the safe range is exceeded. A magnetic sensor allows initiation of a self test without opening the display case.

Protect-Art also logs temperature and humidity allowing one to create graphs to spot long term trends and to prove environmental quality is maintained during transport and inter museum loans.


Sensor: Humidity
Accuracy (not including non-linearity)
  • ±2.0% from 10% to 90% RH
  • ±4.0% from 0% to 100% RH
Non-linearity less than ±1% RH with software compensation
Hysteresis ±1.0% RH typical
Resolution 0.03% RH (12 bit)
Repeatability ±0.1% RH typical
Response Time 1/4 seconds typical in slowly moving air at 25°C
Stability 1% RH/yr typical
Sensor: Temperature
Resolution 0.01° C (14 bit)
  • ± 0.5° C from 5° C to 40° C
  • ± 1.0° C from -15° C to 65° C
Storage capacity (Samples) 2047(RH/Temp pairs) (arrangements for larger storage capacity can be made)
Wrap around storage If the memory is full the unit throws away the oldest value to make room for the newest
Sample Interval? Programmable
logged Humidity Resolution 0.01%
logged Temperature Resolution 0.01°C
Time base +/- 20ppm logged from internal clock (approximately 5 minutes over 3 months)
Calibration data to be stored on sensor PCB ???
  • Humidity Hi/low with hysteresis
  • Temperature Hi/low with hysteresis
  • Excessive sample delta with hysteresis (for both temperature and humidity)
  • Low battery
  • Remote sensor communications failure
  • Log memory communications failure
  • Remote sensor unplugged from electronics box
  • Magnetic test switch unplugged from electronics box
  • Remote alarm indicator unplugged from electronics box
Magnetic test switch For activating self test without opening case (hold a magnet near by.) When activated, causes remote indicator LED to light solid (not blinking) if no alarm conditions are present. If alarm condition is present, indicator LED will be blinking, indicating an alarm condition. Normally mounted inside display case.
External Alarm LED Remotely mounted LED blinks during alarm conditions. connected via included 3.5 mm phone style connector. This output can be configured as an alarm contact - inquire for details.
System Status LED Tri-color LED used during firmware updates ??
Sensor 3.5 mm phone jack - a small and easily hidden single sensor for both humidity and temperature
Self Test switch magnetic test-switch via 3.5 mm phone jack cable - operates though glass or wood case wall.
Remote LED 3.5 mm phone
Computer Interface DB9 RS232 serial via 5’ DB9 to DB9
Auxiliary power ???
Case Size 70mm [2.75”] x 125mm[4.94”] x 32.5mm[1.28”]
Weight 230g [0.5lb]
Environmental 10–30°C [50 - 86°F] 5 – 95% RH (non condensing)Operating Temperature Range
  • Recommended Operating -20°C to 60°C
  • Maximum Operating –40°C to 80°C
  • Storage -40°C to 120°C
  • Note - Extended exposure to temperatures outside the recommended operating range may cause a reversible shift of 3% RH.
Shock 10G
Case ABS plastic
Power Supply
9V battery
  • mounted inside the electronics box, with access via a battery door.
  • Alkaline cell Provides apx. 1 year operation under typical conditions
  • Lithium --
  • Battery status can be checked by closing the magnetic test switch. The remote indicator LED will light solidly if the battery condition is good.
  • Low battery voltage also generates an alarm condition, indicated via the remote indicator LED.
Battery change time At least 2 minutes to replace battery without loosing configuration information or logged data.
Wall adapter (optional) ??? for used not limited by battery life. (use with battery for lien failure?)


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