Photo tagging exif IPTC XMP

First, only an idiot would put the metadata in a separate file - when files get separated, your work is lost.

There are three main inline metadata formats for photo tagging:

Metadata Formats


The metadata captured by your camera is called EXIF(Exchangeable Image File Format) Think - exposure time, aperture, GPS data. Somewhat fragile(easy to corrupt) - non extendable.


Created in the 1970's as IPTC(International Press Telecommunications Council) for the news business. Somewhat fragile(easy to corrupt) - non extendable.


XMP(Extensible Metadata Plateform) Supports most of the old IPTC headers and a lot more. XMP is XML and extensible and looks to be THE standard.

Command Line Tools

Both of these support EXIF IPTC and XMP

File Types




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