Logic Families

Family Drive Current mA Vcc-low V Vcc-high V Inputs Notes
AC 24 3.0 5.5
ACT 24 3.0 5.5 TTL compatible
HC ?? 2.0 6.0 Good ESD
HCT ?? 2.0 6.0 TTL compatible Good ESD
LCX 24 2.3 3.6 inputs up to 5V propagation delays as low as 4.5 ns.
LVX 2.0 3.6
VCX 1.65 3.6
VHC 2.0 5.5 propagation delays as low as 3.8 ns.
VHCT 2.0 5.5 TTL compatable inputs propagation delays as low as 3.8 ns.

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