Growing Fine Fescue in Kansas

Mowing height

Ideally you want a quick instant adjust mower so you can cut different lengths in shady parts. They say to mow high in the hot months - yet mowing low helps control perineal weed grasses.

Fescue types

soil temperature range between 10C and 18C - so won't sprout if too hot - over 24C.

Best PH - between 5.6 and 7

Weed Killer

Grassy Weeds

Very little help using selective herbicides - multiple applications of Glyphosate starting in August - and replanting in September. Glyphosate works best with a little nitrogen and water. Multiple applications for perineal weed grasses. Despite what people think - it is absorbed quickly and rain won't matter much after 15min. Can take 4 - 20 days to fully work. Watering can speed the process as int gets the plant trying to grow - transferring the Glyphosate to the roots where it does it's job.


Fungus control

Daconil and Thiophinate

Moles and grubs

Control grubs to avoid grubs -

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