Configuring Meter

Press and hold the front button until a Function number appears. Press the front button repeatably until the function number just before the one you want displays. Now press and hold as the pressing will increment the number and holding will set the meter to the displayed function. (This requires that you plan ahead; just before the function number you want remember you need to press reset, which will increment the function to the one you want but don't let go until the display clears).

The functions are broken up into 3 groups: Timer, Event counter, Frequency/rate

Timer Functions

In the following table D stands for Days, H - hours, M minutes, and T seconds. There is either a period seperating the time unit fields (allows larger numbers or a dash (easier to read). To the right of the display is a column of the letters DHMT corresponding to the units in the display fields.

Function Numbers
Timer setups

(Function Numbers 101 - 115)

Function Number Display fields Max display
101 D.H.M.T
102 D.H.M 9999.23.59
103 D-H-M 99-23-59
104 D.H 999999.23
105 D-H 99999-23
106 D 99999999
107 H.M.T 9999.59.59
108 H-M-S 23-59-59
109 H.M 999999.59
110 H-M 99999-59
111 H 99999999
112 M.T 999999.59
113 M-T 99999-59
114 M 999999999
115 T 999999999
Event Counters (Function numbers 201-206)

(Max is 99,999,999)

Function Number Edge counted Max count rate

per roll-off filter

201 Rising ↑ 50hz
202 Falling ↓ 50hz
203 Rising ↑ 100hz
204 Falling ↓ 100hz
205 Rising ↑ 600hz

Timer mode

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