1. Battery Voltage UPS - BVUPS
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    2. Installation Notes
      1. -NO version only!
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    4. Best Practice Maintenance
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    6. Trouble Shooting
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Battery Voltage UPS - BVUPS


Maximum ratings
Input voltage 30 Vdc
Load current 10 amperes at 14 Vdc
Contact Ratings (battery and power fail) Conservatively rated for 10 amps resistive at 240 Vac or 28 Vdc
Dielectric strength 1000 Vac, 60 Hz for one second
Ambient Operating Temperature 0 C to 60 C
Octal Case Size 2.75 X 1.75 X 2.375 inches (excluding octal pins)
Protection Diode protected for reverse and over voltage conditions
Power consumption 500 milliwatts MAX
24 mA @ 13.6 Vdc
17 mA @ 10.0 Vdc
Supplied voltage 10-14 (20-28) VDC (your equipment must be able to operate in these ranges. Most 12 volt equipment is designed to work from 9 to 15 V). We can supply Din Rail power-supplies capable of adjusting to theses voltages.
Drop out threshold 10 V +/-200 mV (20V +/-500 mV)
Drop out delay 10 seconds of continuous low voltage
Initial charge rate 1.5 A (Can be programmed to higher values with external charge rate module)
Power fail minimum current 400 mA
(Special -10 125mA versions available)

Installation Notes

-NO version only!

During normal powered operation the contacts will be closed. When the unit goes on battery the contacts open and when the batteries run down and disconnect the contacts remain open (NO (Normally Open) means that under no power the contacts are open). Make sure you understand that during "normal" operation the NO contacts will be closed! There is not an -NC version as that is the stock version.

For more information on lead acid battery applications see Sealed Lead Acid Battery Applications hand book

Wiring diagram


Best Practice Maintenance

Lead acid batteries used with the BVUPS are on float most of the time and should last about 4 years before losing appreciable capacity. Thus, we recommend the following steps for best practice.

Step Rate module

For very large banks of batteries (over 50Ah) There is the STEP-RATE-MODULE to provide higher charge rates for system with more than 50AH It provides two rates: An increased initial charge rate - it then Transitions to float rate at 13.1 or 26.9V with an increased float current.

Orange wire connects to pin 3 and the Blue wire to Pin 6 of the octal socket.

Trouble Shooting

PF not working

Check power-supply voltage and batter voltage.

Problems on start up

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