One liners

To find a sting in a directory of gzipped files - log files etc -

needle is the search term.

 gunzip -c  *.gz|grep -H needle

When you are running out of disk space - find the big files - first find huge directories:

du --human-readable | sort --human-numeric-sort -r | head

Then the file(s)

find /var/ -type f -iname "*" -printf '%s %p\n'| sort -nr | head -10

Rename files and directories - spaces to underscore

$ find -name "* *" -type d | rename 's/ /_/g'    # do the directories first
$ find -name "* *" -type f | rename 's/ /_/g'

Copy directory tree with only one file type

rsync -avm --include='*.mp3' -f 'hide,! */' from_dir/ /to_dir

The entire directory structure from from_dir/  is copied to /to_dir, but only the .mp3 files are copied.
-a ensures all permissions and times on files are unchanged.
-m will omit empty directories.
-v is for verbose output.
--include is a simplified filter rule. In this case hide keeps files from the transfer - the comma separates the prefix from a modifier

-f is a filter rule

-n prints out a dry run - it will tell you what it would do but not actually copy anything.

If you don't want the top directory use the trailing slash.

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