Adding refrigerant


Things You'll Need

1 Attach your manifold gauge set to the excessive stress plus low-stress service ports. The small-pressure port will be found on the low-stress line (the larger diameter series) or the accumulator (the cylinder-formed device attached to the system near the firewall). The high-stress port will be found near the orifice tube in the smaller of the two lines. The easiest way to locate them is to follow each line from the back about the compressor until the port is found. The blue hose attaches to the low side port, and the red hose attaches to the high side port. The yellow hose remains for the attachment about the can tap and refrigerant can.

2 Attach the may tap to the yellow hose on the assembly, and install any can of refrigerant onto the can tap. Undertake not open the may when. Make certainly the valves on the gauge assembly are closed, and begin the vehicle . Change the A/C to max cold also channel blower speed. Some vehicles have a button to pick outdoor air or recirculating air. Choose recirculating air.

4 If the system shows low, add refrigerant. Screw the can tap tightly to the container. At present screw the thumbscrew all the way on, and subsequently all the way out. This pierces the may and allows the refrigerant to be put with the system. Open the low-side valve on the gauge assembly, and shake the can to allow the refrigerant to pass in the system. When it empties, nearby the low-side valve plus read the pressures. On some warm day, the readings will be 35 to 40 psi on the low part, and 250 to 350 on the high side. Add refrigerant till these numbers are reached.

5 Turn the engine away, and allow the pressures to stabilize. Disconnect the low-part also huge-side fittings from the assistance ports. Reinstall each dirt caps that is were removed, and check drive.

Tips Warnings

Using refrigerant that has a leak-detection dye in it will assist find leaks if they occur.

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